Virtual CISO

No, we didn’t just make up an elusive tech-y acronym to tout our cybersecurity knowledge. 

CISO, or Chief Information Security Officer, is the executive level position for IT Security and oftentimes the compliance program.  As consumer concerns for data privacy and protection have grown in recent years, so has the necessity for this position. In fact, more and more industries and clients are requiring that organizations employ either a virtual (fractional) or full-time CISO to ensure the protection of their data. Security is no longer solely an IT objective: it’s a business-level initiative that can either foster or inhibit the collective success of an organization. 

Sounds a little melodramatic, we know. But consider with us some of the initiatives of a CISO and their potential implications: 

  • Policies/Controls/Procedures (a mouthful best served with Aspirin and a bottle of wine)- Not only do they become the building blocks to IT and operational processes, but they’re also a requirement for every type of audit. 
  • Security Assessment Questionnaires (if you haven’t had the great pleasure of filling one out, you will) – adequate assessment performance is commonly a prerequisite for customer and vendor relationships which offer opportunities for market growth. 
  • Audits (cringe)- audit performance influences consumer and customer trust and sometimes dictates your compliance with certain markets. 

Overall architecture and data flows – lack of autonomy and poorly built processes can lead to agility issues long term that can negatively impact organizational scalability and, importantly, become the bane of your DevOps team’s existence. 

Alright, alright, alright we get the point. 

At Eden Data, we believe the future of the CISO position is virtual rather than full time, and here are the benefits of choosing this route:

The case for a Virtual CISO vs an FTE (full time employee)

Our customers are awesome. Like really awesome.

Not only have we been fortunate enough to build a network of clients that are disrupting their industries and paving the way for future innovation that’s literally changing the world, but we also have the privilege of considering them part of our Eden Data family. When you join our community, you gain a team of cybersecurity experts as safeguards as well as a network of like minded professionals.