Security Assessment Questionnaires (SAQ’s)

Once upon a time, in a not so far away land, there was a startup with an exceptionally inventive product. They did well but anxiously awaited the day a client would come along and catapult their market impact. Alas, one did with the promise of tripling their sales and raising consumer awareness. But days before the deal was set to finalize, the unthinkable happened… they necessitated a lengthy security assessment which was impossible for their team to complete on their own before the deadline.

… Now we don’t like to refer to ourselves as a knight in shining armor, but we did get it turned around in under 24hrs to solidify the partnership for our client.

Security Assessment Questionnaires (SAQ’s) are resource intensive, time sensitive, and absolutely critical to growth at a startup phase. Securing these partnerships directly impacts scalability and market share obtainment, but poor security controls and inadequate processes can compromise these opportunities. 

But do not fear, Eden Data is here. (Que the superhero symbol under our dress shirts. JK. Well, kinda). Eden Data helps with SAQ’s by:

  • Well, the obvious one – doing them
  • Ensuring policies/procedures/controls are created or refined to expedite future assessments
  • Advising on recommended audits for applicable industries, markets, and client opportunities
  • Quickly remediating certain risk areas in order to score higher on the questionnaire
  • Affirming the questionnaire is completed in proper security lingo (AKA fancy consulting jargon) 
  • Acting as a security liaison with the client, advocating on your behalf 
  • Fulfilling the position of a Chief Information Security Officer, which is oftentimes a requirement for these client security requirements

Don’t get stuck at midnight missing a slipper and your carriage turned into a pumpkin. With Eden Data, client assessments are easy, quick, and leave your internal resources free to focus on business initiatives. Or keep partying at the ball, whatever you’re into.

Virtual CISO

Audit Lifecycle

Our customers are awesome. Like really awesome.

Not only have we been fortunate enough to build a network of clients that are disrupting their industries and paving the way for future innovation that’s literally changing the world, but we also have the privilege of considering them part of our Eden Data family. When you join our community, you gain a team of cybersecurity experts as safeguards as well as a network of like minded professionals.