Dominique Singer

VP of Strategy, vCISO

Dominique is a dynamic and pragmatic cybersecurity leader with a wealth of experience leading best practices for tech companies. In fact, he was considered one of the OG ‘thought leaders’ in the field before it even became a thing.

Dominque (Dom) specializes in building programs for data privacy, advanced threat management, enterprise security architecture, and risk mediation that leverage technology to achieve outcomes across complex lines of business- all while optimizing cost efficiency and alignment with business objectives. In fact, most recently he built a modern security program for one of the nation’s largest channel master agencies, enabling thousands of partners and suppliers.

When he’s not transforming security programs and/or participating in public speaking engagements (because those aren’t time consuming or anything)- Dom creates music in his home studio in Colorado and is a talented jazz musician. No prospect of dropping an Eden Data soundtrack yet, but don’t worry- we’re working on him.

And in case those skills didn’t demonstrate enough talent, Dom is also an enthusiastic practitioner of holistic wellness- arguably equally as one with nature as with cybersecurity- and is the primary reason we now all spend nearly half our paycheck at Wholefoods (in a single visit).

Our customers are awesome. Like really awesome.

Not only have we been fortunate enough to build a network of clients that are disrupting their industries and paving the way for future innovation that’s literally changing the world, but we also have the privilege of considering them part of our Eden Data family. When you join our community, you gain a team of cybersecurity experts as safeguards as well as a network of like minded professionals.

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