Audit Lifecycle Management

What’s a few letters and one of the most dreaded parts of information security… audit acronyms. Whether it’s SOC, SOX, HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, or any others from the growing list, audits can be an overwhelming undertaking for startups. And one thing as sure as death and taxes is that we are trending towards more government regulations and that audit certifications are becoming increasingly more necessary for business and client relations.

Audits are as tricky as they are dreaded. The team at Eden Data has experience with both internal AND external audits for firms of every size and industry. We understand what auditors look for, and we help by:

  • Providing an assessment of your existing environment to estimate how much work would be needed for an audit
  • Building out policies, procedures, and controls using any of the major industry frameworks
  • Conducting and/or oversee audit readiness 
  • Acting as the liaison between your organization and the audit firm during an audit, advocating on your behalf
  • Providing evidence in the proper ‘audit language’ that will greatly reduce the need for remediations and speed up the audit process
  • Providing an assessment of potential for overlap between an existing audit and future audits
  • Advising on the most advantageous timeline for multiple audits based on business, regulatory, and market expansion efforts to minimize duplicated effort and maximize compliance and organizational scalability

Going through an audit is kind of like buying a new car… the prospect is really exciting, the process is a pain in the a**, but the end result looks great and gets you places with even more ease and confidence.

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Security Assessment Questionnaires (SAQ’s)

Our customers are awesome. Like really awesome.

Not only have we been fortunate enough to build a network of clients that are disrupting their industries and paving the way for future innovation that’s literally changing the world, but we also have the privilege of considering them part of our Eden Data family. When you join our community, you gain a team of cybersecurity experts as safeguards as well as a network of like minded professionals.